Confident Content Tuesday: Ready To “Cook Up” Some Great Content? Perfection is NOT Required!

This is a great mindset post from the Princess of Positivity herself Chatone Morrison. Enjoy!

Princess of Positivity - Chatone Morrison

IMG_5808.PNGToday’s Confident Content Tuesday Tip was delivered via Facebook live stream   (Access Today’s Facebook Livewhile I made gluten-free banana-nut muffins.  Simultaneously.  🙌 Am I proud when I successfully do double duty?  Sure!  But what I love most is that I give myself permission to make mistakes and to keep going.  The Confident Content Tip of the Day is all about that.

**  Perfection Is NOT Required **

If you like cooking as much as I do, you learn your way around the kitchen and during all the trial and error you learn the strangest things, for example, what you initially think is a tragedy is often found totally delicious by other people.  It’s similar with your content delivery.  Especially as a coach, consultant, artist, or other high creative being, when you are delivering the “gift of…

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